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NarkOX Oxygen Compatible Oil - 15gr Bottle

NarkOX Oxygen Compatible Oil - 15gr Bottle

Oxygen compatible Oil, loaded into convenient Dropper bottle for ease of use.

Comes complete with cover cap to keep out contamination and a drip nozzle.

This oil has a number of advantages over the white grease,.
The oil is colourless & leaves no white residue.

Does not dry out like white PTFE loaded grease Narked at 90 lubricants are based upon pure Fluorinated technology, they do not contain hydrogen and cannot support combustion. This lubricant provides excellent lubrication at both low and high temperature extremes, resulting in increased durability.

It can be safely used with confidence in high pressure air, Nitrox & pure gaseous oxygen systems with no fear of combustion. It is also completely compatible with all synthetic and natural rubbers, o rings, metals and plastics.

This cna be used to very lightly lubricate the alu-rings and/or o-rings.
We stress that a very minimal amount of this is required and should not be over applied

Price: 16.25 (19.50 Including VAT at 20%)